Lifestyle Changes That Will Strengthen Your Immune System - Part 2

Let’s continue on our journey to strengthen our immunity. The second important strategy to boost your immune system is: Exercise. This one is not very popular and produces a lot of excuses to put it off, or not do it at all. The best advice I have for you when this happens is the saying, “Change your mind, change your life.” This simplifies the fact that it really is mind over matter. First we’ll look at the evidence, then I’ll share what works for me.

Besides boosting your immune system, regular moderate physical activity (doesn’t that sound better than exercise?) helps fight heart disease, strengthen bones and relieve stress. But most important, it increases the circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood, thus increasing immune cell circulation. The increased flow can last up to 3 hours after physical activity. This process makes the detection and destruction of pathogens better than if no exercise took place. Also, if exercise is regular, you continue to reap this benefit after each bout of activity. It makes sense that people who engage in regular physical activity have fewer illnesses than those that are sedentary.

Research has shown that as little as 20 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise can strengthen your immune system. Any aerobic activity will do: walking, running, cycling, etc. I started running over 20 years ago and have never stopped. Through much trial and error, I have developed the perfect workouts for me. I run 30 minutes a day, 5 days per week. On M-W-F this is up and down a hill on our ranch in Texas, much like running stairs or bleachers, and on T-Th, my runs are wind sprints on flat ground for 2 miles. For the wind sprints: I sprint as far as I possibly can, then walk to recover, and repeat for a total of 30 minutes or 2 miles. After the run, I perform the following: 

M-W-F: 12 minutes rebounding on mini-trampoline, 75 kettlebell swings (35 lb, in intervals with rests in between), 5 minute mat routine (push-ups, planks, side arm balances, warrior poses).
T-Th: 12 minutes rebounding on mini-trampoline, 15 minute abs workout video (Bailey Brown, YouTube), 5 minute mat routine (squat jumps, burpees, push-ups, planks).

Everyone is different. This is what works for me. I do it every day, I don’t give myself a choice. That is my secret to never quitting.

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-Momma Joey