How to Keep Your Holidays Healthy

Do you stick to your health plan and diet for most of the year but when the holidays roll around you fall off the wagon? It’s a common problem that many individuals have. The holidays present temptation galore. And when you’ve been good all year, you might give in. After all, healthy shouldn’t mean deprivation. Here are a few tips to help you get through this holiday season while keeping your health in check.

1. Consider Tracking Your Food
If you tend to overindulge, the holidays might prove to be a great time to track your food intake. This can keep you in check and prevent weight gain or you losing sight of your health goals.

2. Don’t Forget About Portion Sizes
You can have a bit of everything - most of the time. The key here is to stick to small portion sizes. This saves you the extra calories, sugar, and more.

3. Eat Before You Leave Your House
Are you heading to a family get-together or a small party? Eat your healthy food before you head out. Then you won’t be tempted by all the treats at the gathering.

4. Healthy Swaps
Cutting down calories and sugar is so easy these days. You just have to swap out the right products. You can serve up healthy, delicious cheesecake from Good & Tasty Bakes. Shop now!

5. Add Sparkling Water to Your Drinks
Alcoholic drinks are one the biggest culprits when it comes to added sugar and calories, especially during the holidays. Try this tip instead: Pour half of the drink in your glass, then add half sparkling water. You still have your drink as a treat, but you won’t do as much damage this way.

The holidays don’t have to bulldoze your health goals. It’s entirely possible to stick to your goals and enjoy the holidays. Follow our advice above and take part in the holiday cheer - minus the guilt that usually comes with it!