8 Small Choices to Improve Your Quality of Life

With a new year upon us, we all have a clean slate to do with as we please. I don't advocate for hard-core resolutions, just day-by-day making the right choices. Try each day to make decisions that don't lead to regrets. These are my favorites in no particular order. Use what works for you and you’ll be winning at life in no time!

  • Develop an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is simply focusing on all the good things in your life and being thankful for them. It touches on many aspects of our lives, but most importantly it increases happiness and decreases depression. This one small change in how you look at the world around you will greatly improve your satisfaction with life in general. 
  • Be an optimist. This goes hand in hand with gratitude. Make it your intention every day to cheer up and encourage those you come in contact with. Tip generously and practice random acts of kindness. 
  • Volunteer. People who volunteer are overall happier in life. Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose and community. Making new friends is an added perk. You may even learn a new skill. But just getting out of your comfort zone is great for your self-esteem. 
  • Take care of yourself (and those under your care). Eat real food that isn't processed. And if it’s not good for you, don’t bring it home.
  • Ask questions and really listen to the answers. Listen more than you talk. There’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth.
  • If you’ve been procrastinating about anything, just do it and get it behind you. You’ll be so glad you did!
  • Go to bed earlier and read until you fall asleep.
  • And last but certainly not least, life is short, make it sweet. Always eat dessert! Of course your best choice for the most delicious, healthiest dessert will always be cheesecake from Good & Tasty Bakes. Order yours today!

-Momma Joey