5 Reasons to Cut Gluten (Wheat) Out of Your Diet

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or a gluten sensitivity, consuming wheat isn’t doing your body any favors. And if you read your labels, you know that wheat is hidden in so much of our food. Wheat today isn’t what it used to be and contains novel proteins which are difficult for us to properly digest. Some scientists now suspect that the gluten and other compounds found in modern wheat is what's responsible for the rising prevalence of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Here are a few reasons to encourage you to cut and keep wheat out of your diet.

  1. Wheat is a refined carbohydrate and causes metabolic problems, such as blood sugar swings. It also causes an excess deposit of visceral fat. William Davis, MD, author of Wheat Belly, states, “A wheat belly represents the accumulation of fat that results from years of consuming foods that trigger insulin, the hormone of fat storage.”
  2. Wheat causes gut inflammation even in people without celiac or gluten sensitivities.
  3. A protein in wheat, wheat germ agglutinin, can provoke an inflammatory response in gut cells and disturb the natural immune barrier in the gut, and cause leaky gut - which makes the gut more permeable to things that don’t belong in your blood.
  4. Wheat causes brain fog and fatigue.
  5. Wheat causes itchy skin, especially on the arms and legs.

So how do you avoid wheat when it’s practically everywhere? Have a plan! Use crispy lettuce instead of a bun for your hamburger. Or use an alternative flour when cooking, such as almond flour or coconut flour. And of course keep Good & Tasty Bakes on hand for family gatherings and for when those sweet cravings strike. Shop now and get yours quickly delivered to your door!